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Real-Time Fraud Blocking

Everyone finds unwanted calls annoying, and we have the numbers to back up that statement. The FCC says that more people complain about unwanted and spoofed robocalls than any other cellular activity. After a slight decline in robocalls during 2019 and mid-2020, criminals made up for lost time during 2021. One report shows that Americans received 165.1 million robocalls per day during the early part of 2021.

To make matters even worse, about half of robocalls have been identified as scams. Many of those scams try to take advantage of fears focused on the pandemic; leave it to criminal minds to exploit uncertainty whenever they can.

Fraudulent activity on networks burden telcos as well as consumers, and we see the adverse effects of fraud frequently.  That’s why we developed a real-time fraud blocking solution that protects your telco against various types of fraud, allowing your company to focus on other areas instead of worrying about fraudulent losses or effects on your customers.

How Real-Time Fraud Blocking Works

1Route uses a real-time fraud blocking solution called FINIS, which stands for Fraud Interception & Network Integrated Signaling. It was named FINIS after the Latin word for “the end.” Our goal is for FINIS to put an end to fraudulent calls for mobile network operators.

The FINIS platform works by reviewing incoming messaging, parsing information, and blocking calls based on a specific set of policy rules.  You get to set the solution’s rules and control functions, so you will have more control over your network traffic than ever. The FINIS solution acts like a soft switch allowing us to detect and stop fraudulent activity before it has a chance to occur. Real-time blocking to us means milliseconds……..not seconds or minutes.

Additional Features for Your Fraud-Blocking Software

At 1Route, we can add more features to make your business even more effective. Some of our most popular add-ons include:

  • OTT filtering and blocking
  • B-number (IRSF) blocking
  • Signal level blocking
  • Location services
  • SIM Box traffic
  • A-number metering and blocking
  • B-number (IRSF) blocking
  • OTT filtering and blocking
  • Signal level blocking
  • Robocalls/Spam Calls
  • Wangiri
  • Call Stretching
  • Call hijacking
  • Refiling
  • Mobile Money

Choose the add-on features that suit you, and we’ll put them to work for you. These solutions will help you eliminate fraudulent activity, and will help you stop wasting time and money chasing fraudsters.

These solutions will help you minimize robocalls and will help you stop wasting time on the phone.

Interested in learning more about real-time fraud blocking? Reach out by email or phone to talk to a representative who can give you details about how FINIS can work for you.