Summary of the FINIS Platform

FINIS means Fraud Interception & Network Integrated Signaling; a solution for peace of mind.

FINIS means “the end” in Latin, and it literally “ends” fraudulent traffic for the mobile network operator (MNO). The FINIS platform is a soft switch that operates in real-time, receiving incoming SS7 messaging, parsing information, and blocking fraud before the call set-up is completed. Fraud losses are kept to a minimum, inbound revenues increase, legitimate customer calls connect normally, and are not inconvenienced by the FINIS platform.

To summarize,
• New approach to an ongoing global problem
• The solution acts as a “soft switch” or SS7 firewall
• Blocking happens in REAL TIME
(in milliseconds……not seconds)
• Location based services are an optional add-on
• Reports on blocking activity is sent to existing analytics applications for further investigation

Features & Functions of FINIS


Additional Add-On’s

Services are offered in multiple facets with additional add-on’s, such as:

B-Number (IRSF) Blocking

OTT Filtering and Blocking

Signal Level Blocking

SS7 Signaling and Blocking

Location Services

Mobile Money

Bypass Fraud Overview

Fraudsters operate and make massive profits by receiving and terminating telecoms traffic at low prices. They offer these low prices by being able to terminate their traffic illegally on the MNO’s network through one of three methods:

Banks of virtual or physical SIMs are used to bring traffic into the country onto another operator’s network in country or into countries with low retail international rates to the MNO’s home network (such as India). These SIMs are then used to terminate the call on the Vodacom network.

This practice works by manipulating call data to make an international call appear to be a national call. The Fraudsters receive international termination revenues and the MNO will charge these calls as National terminations, losing revenue.

Banks of virtual or physical MNO SIMs are used to bring the traffic directly onto the MNO’s network. This traffic is then terminated using VC to VC retail calls.

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