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AB Handshake, GBSDTech, and 1Route Partner to Fight Telecom Fraud on a Global Scale

As robocalls continue to rise, it’s important now more than ever to protect against fraudulent behavior in the telecommunications industry. With the risk of fraud at the forefront of inbound and outbound voice traffic, three influential services are combining efforts to bring trust back to the telecom space.  1Route, GBSD Tech, and AB Handshake are […]


Global Companies Coming Together To Fight Voice Fraud: A Partnership With AB Handshake

With technology bringing businesses together and mergers becoming more common, businesses can gain a lot more by working together, especially in telecommunications. For the same reason, in a recent development, AB Handshake and 1Route’s sister company, GBSD Technologies (GBSDTech), have decided to work to end fraud together. Both companies have the same goal: to eliminate […]