RAG TV S3E9: Invalid Caller IDs and Fraud

The spoofing of calling line identification (CLI), also known as caller ID, is exploited by fraudsters around the world. Regular presenters Eric Priezkalns and Lee Scargall speak to Pedro Rabacal, CTO of Vodacom Mozambique, and Jeffrey Ross of GBSD Technologies and 1Route about the issues and new solutions that are in development.

Although robocalling and CLI spoofing are sometimes considered to only be issues in North America, Pedro explains how spoofing underpins many frauds he sees in Africa, and the challenges of tackling that fraud in an ecosystem where his all-IP network has to handle calls that also cross the TDM networks of other operators. Jeffrey gives his insights into the challenges that would need to be overcome to implement anti-spoofing STIR/SHAKEN protocols across borders and possible alternatives that would yield results sooner.