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Global Companies Coming Together To Fight Voice Fraud: A Partnership With AB Handshake

With technology bringing businesses together and mergers becoming more common, businesses can gain a lot more by working together, especially in telecommunications. For the same reason, in a recent development, AB Handshake and 1Route’s sister company, GBSD Technologies (GBSDTech), have decided to work to end fraud together. Both companies have the same goal: to eliminate fraud. AB Handshake uses the cross-validation of call details from both call registries to create their advanced system. As a result, all voice fraud is blocked, and accurate detection is ensured. On the other hand, GBSDTech’s system focuses more on core SS7 networks to block fraud at the source before the call even connects.

Now that AB Handshake and GBSDTech have partnered up, GBSDTech will be adding an additional “check” to the long list of checks that go into the international call validation process. This creates an undeniable way of high accuracy for the attestation of an international voice call. AB Handshake will benefit from an extra layer of security, and real-time blocking functionality, along with an added capability of applying the AB Handshake technology to TDM/Legacy networks. The managing director of AB Handshake says, “I am really excited about this partnership. Together, AB Handshake and GBSDTech will scale our portfolios and expand our footprint to prevent fraudulent traffic in the telecom space worldwide.”

Keep reading to learn more about each company and what their partnership stands for.

AB Handshake

Founded by a team of telecom professionals, AB Handshake is a telecommunication corporation. Due to the team’s extensive experience in telecom and engineering, they were able to create solutions for voice fraud. They did so with the help of call validation before turning it into a universal solution that works for all networks. First, of course, AB Handshake tested this technology on intercontinental networks with multiple simulated fraud scenarios. Once they honed the service details, they were able to distribute the technology on a global scale. 

Moreover, the company has plans to create a trusted community of telecom providers to facilitate the adoption of this technology. Every member in this community shares one goal: to eliminate fraud via call validation. As a result, all voice traffic exchange is free from voice fraud within this community. Currently, ABHandshake is onboarding partners globally and has live traffic worldwide.


Founded in 2003, GBSDTech’s main purpose was to develop location technology for emergency services. They began with the development of core SS7-based location applications. Their portfolio has evolved greatly over the years, offering end-to-end location solutions with the help of a control plane and user plane for MNOs globally. In addition, it includes a soft switch, acting as an SS7 fraud-blocking firewall. It also serves as location-based technology for lawful intercept, emergency services, and blocking mobile money fraud from occurring.

In 2021, GBSDTech helped in the formation of their sister company, 1Route Group, and continues to be the base of all technology research and development efforts for 1Route. Contrary to their original purpose, they now aim to block fraud at the very source. They believe they can avoid fraud altogether by detecting it correctly and applying rules at protocol levels to prevent messaging from flowing. Mutual accountability, true commitment, and measured expectations are three of the most important elements of a successful business partnership. AB Handshake and GBSDTech checked all of these boxes. But, more importantly, they’re focused on a shared goal, which is primarily what makes their collaboration so powerful.