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The Benefits of Call Validation

In the dynamic telecom industry, call validation has emerged as a powerful solution to enhance customer trust, improve user experience, and combat fraud. Telecom experts recognize the importance of call validation and its ever-evolving requirement as technology and fraud advance. Let’s take a deeper look at the concept of call validation, discuss its benefits, and highlight some countries highly focusing on verification and data accuracy.

What is Call Validation?

Call validation is a process phone companies use to ensure the authenticity and validity of phone numbers before connecting the call. When a call is initiated, a signal is sent to a server that checks the number against a database of available numbers. In today’s interconnected world, having a feature that detects the association between the caller and the displayed number provides a layer of trust and reliability. This validation process guarantees that the intended recipient is reachable, minimizing the chances of unsuccessful or erroneous calls. Businesses can enhance the customer experience by validating phone numbers and building stronger relationships with clientele.

What Does The Checkmark Mean?

Ever notice the checkmark that pops up on your contact’s phone number? That checkmark indicates that a caller’s number has been verified through call validation. When businesses and individuals see the checkmark, it serves as a visual representation of trustworthiness and reliability. When the checkmark is displayed alongside a caller’s number, it instills confidence in the recipient, assuring them that the call originates from a legitimate and verified source and signals that the business is proactively verifying its data accuracy. 

Benefits of Call Validation

Improved User Experience

Call validation significantly enhances customer service by enabling faster resolution of inquiries and reducing customer frustration or wait times. By ensuring that calls are connected to valid numbers, businesses can reduce the time spent verifying data and focus more on addressing customer needs. 

This streamlined process improves the overall customer experience, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

Increased Trust in Businesses 

In an era where data privacy and security are paramount, call validation plays a pivotal role in building and maintaining customer trust. Seeing a checkmark provides a sense of security to individuals, especially when they are required to share personal information over the phone.  Businesses can enhance their reputation and differentiate themselves from competitors by emphasizing validation and demonstrating their commitment to data accuracy.

Fraud Prevention

Call validation is an indispensable tool in the fight against fraudulent activities, such as spoofing and phishing. By verifying the legitimacy of phone numbers, telecom companies can identify and block calls from unauthorized sources. The proactive approach helps safeguard customers’ sensitive information and prevents them from falling victim to scams.

How Validation is Expanding Across the Globe

Malaysia, a frontrunner in technological advancements, is spearheading the adoption of digital ID and pushing the boundaries of validation through innovative approaches. With the rollout of 5G infrastructure and other cutting-edge technologies, Malaysia is poised to take validation to the next level. The country introduced the National Digital Identity Initiative recognizing the immense potential of digital ID in streamlining processes, enhancing security, and providing seamless experiences for its citizens and businesses. 

By leveraging the power of 5G, Malaysia aims to revolutionize validation methods, enabling faster and more secure customer verifications. This forward-thinking approach demonstrates Malaysia’s commitment to staying at the forefront of digital transformation and reinforces its position as a global leader in the telecom industry.

1Route Differentiates with Real-Time Solutions

At 1Route, our validation solutions prioritize real-time solutions for Voice, SMS, and MFT. They are designed to provide seamless and efficient verification processes. Our approach comprises two key components: Inbound Traffic Validation and Functionality. 

  • Inbound Traffic Validation: To ensure the authenticity of incoming calls, we employ our cutting-edge EDGE computing solution. Through our REST API, businesses can easily submit verification requests, and we retrieve public keys using the URI included in these requests.
  • Functionality: We offer a comprehensive range of functions, including STI-CA, STI-AS, STI-VS, CPS, SKS, STI-CR, and CVT. These functions are instrumental in generating and verifying digital signatures for Caller-ID information.

To ensure compliance with North American standards, we have seamlessly integrated the best technical aspects of STIR SHAKEN with our proprietary 1Route technology. This integration enables us to deliver robust and reliable validation solutions.

Our validation solutions are designed to be compatible with any Service Provider’s Core. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of integrating with third-party proprietary analytics and databases for enhanced features such as call blocking, filtering, and comprehensive caller ID information. These integrations are subject to Service Provider policies.

Call validation is a powerful solution offering numerous benefits to businesses and customers. By automating manual processes and ensuring the validity of phone numbers, telecom companies save valuable time and resources. As access expands, the industry focuses on call validation, making it increasingly important for telecom experts to understand its benefits, actively promote its implementation, and continue to strengthen solutions involving data accuracy. Together, we can foster a more secure and trustworthy communication ecosystem.